Shaun Torbati P.T. CSCS

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"The possession of anything begins in the mind"- Bruce Lee 


At Muscle NRG I combine my extensive knowledge in human biomechanics & nutrition with modern training theories
to provide my clients with an advanced approach to rehabilitation & fitness. My background as a licensed Physical Therapist and Strength/Conditioning Specialist gives me a universal understanding of the human body to assist you with whatever your goals might be.  As a Physical Therapist, you can be assured that your safety in any of my programs is of optimum concern. Via the use of functional training I return my clients to their maximum potential with decreased risk of injury no matter their medical history.  Why spend money being trained by someone with a weekend certification course when you can be trained by licensed Physical Therapist and Strength/Conditioning Specialist? If you or your child is returning to his/her sport after injury or surgery it is critical to be screened for risk of re-injury.

We Specialize in:

The “Athlete Within” Principle

There is an inner athlete in all of us. I promote exercise & athleticism for all individuals no matter what age by initiating a paradigm shift to view oneself as an athlete.  It is our view that we are all athletes as long as we keep bending over to pick things up, lift boxes, carry children, or even reach up to plug a light switch. Unfortunately, due to our sedentary lifestyles we are continuously losing the athleticism we were born with. I believe we can regain much of this athleticism via the use of a properly structured functional training program. With this goal in mind, our exercise programs are designed to include training methods & drills that promote musculoskeletal balance. 

My program will integrate sports themes like kicking, throwing and catching to standard exercise programs to promote the “athlete within” principle and build self confidence. The fact is that many people underestimate what they can do physically. They feel self conscious because they have lost the ability to do some very simple things like squatting for example. I have heard many clients say to me, “I can’t do that” but sure enough they do it after being properly and safely taught how. As a Physical Therapist I provide a safe environment to perform such exercises without the risk of injury.

What is "Functional Training" 

Functional Training is a method in which movements in an exercise activity are performed in a manner that correlates with optimum musculoskeletal balance. The advantage of Functional Training is improved strength gains that crossover from the training room to the field of play and even to the activities of daily living.

Via the use of the Functional Movement Screen Test, we can expose the weak points in the musculoskeletal chain which are the source of many of the common pain conditions we suffer from daily activities and in many cases inhibitors of performance in athletics.  These weak points are addressed through the use of corrective exercise.













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