Shaun Torbati P.T. CSCS

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Senior Fitness


  • General conditioning
  • Back to sport post operative program design
  • Senior masters level athlete programs

3 Step Methodology

  1. Assess range of motion, strength, balance deficits and fitness level
  2. Determine goals and objectives
  3. Implement safe program

 Most articles addressing exercise for the 50 and over population simply recommend walking because it is easy, safe and social. Although walking is better than doing nothing at all, the fact remains that to reach better health simply walking 2-3 times per week is not enough for most people in the 50+ population. In fact, multiple recent research articles have determined that using free weights and building muscle mass are critical for the senior population. The problem is that the senior population feels intimidated by weight lifting because lack of experience and fear of injury.

I feel we need a change in approach to a more advanced program design. At Muscle NRG we address issues like power, agility and functional flexibility. Because of our background in Physical Therapy we can introduce weight lifting programs in a safe manner to eliminate injury risk and maximize gains.

All these things add to quality of life and to better musculoskeletal health. A simple maneuver such as bending over to pick up a newspaper may seem very simple, but 90% of the population in the U.S. does not do it properly. The reasons for this common mistake is the tendency to have chronic hip tightness and poor mechanics. Through exercise we teach clients to bend properly and use correct mechanics while at the same time strengthening their legs, back etc. in a fun atmosphere. This is just one example of the many other movements that are done incorrectly and with repetition result in early surgical intervention to replace the knee, hip or have back surgery. My program will integrate sports themes like kicking, throwing and catching to standard exercise programs to promote the “athlete within” principle and build self confidence. The fact is that many people, specially the 50+ individuals, underestimate what they can do physically. They feel self conscious because they have lost the ability to do some very simple things like squatting for example.  As a Physical Therapist I can provide a safe environment to perform such exercises without the risk of injury.

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