Shaun Torbati P.T. CSCS

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Sports Performance
"Be quick but don't hurry"- Coach John Wooden
Speed Power & Agility                                            

  1. Increase postural awareness and improve active range of motion throughout extremities. 
  2. Core strengthening for development of a firm foundation to avoid injury. 
  3. Functional training using plyometrics and resistance for increased power, speed and agility.


  • Baseball: Base stealing and lateral mobility speed
  • Basketball: Lateral movement and first step explosion
  • Volleyball / Basketball: Increase your vertical via plyometric training
  • Football:  Linebacker / corner back / wide receiver lateral & diagonal agility / speed training

We all have heard coaches and announcers say “You can’t teach speed, you either have it or you don’t!” Although this statement is true  to some degree, it does not mean your athlete is doomed. This is specially true for kids. It is difficult to teach physical speed, BUT we can teach game speed or quickness. Athletes such as legendary Seattle Seahawk wide receiver Steve Largent and Utah Jazz guard John Stockton where never the fastest guys on the field, but they were quick and precise in the their movements.

At Muscle NRG, after a comprehensive evaluation, we can help your athlete increase quickness with no risk of injury. No matter what age your athlete is, there is room to develop quickness and agility which can exponentially increase his or her sports future. Our methods are based on up to date research that focuses on function, addressing the needs of your specific sport. We guaranteed to increase your game speed, power, quickness & more importantly decrease injury risk. We use plyometrics, resistance training and hands on instruction to help meet your goals. We perform pre and post time trials to have objective data regarding your athletes gains. Numbers Don’t Lie!!! 

Don’t forget, half a second can cost you a stolen base, a 50 yard gain, an intercepted pass or a scholarship to major university. With the competitive nature of sports today, futures are made and lost in seconds and milliseconds.
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