Shaun Torbati P.T. CSCS

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Weight Loss Programs

Hight Intensity Interval Training

Muscle NRG exercise regiment combined with our diet program will result in loss of 1-2 pounds per week which is the recommended weight loss rate by most physicians. In order to maximize the results of your effort we incorporate high intensity interval training system. The benefit of cardio training and weight lifting are combined in one inclusive program. Burn calories, build/tone muscle and improve cardiovascular health all at the same time. This is accomplished by increasing the intensity of exercise resulting in high heart rates for short periods of time. This cycle is repeated for 30-45 minutes not including warm up time. The circuit program will address upper body, lower body and core strength. Depending on your fitness level, we will incorporate agility and power exercises as well.

  • By maintaining elevated heart rates in a circuit training setting we maximize calorie burning and strength gains at the same time.
  • Additional benefit is “after burn” which is recovery of heart rate which can take several hours after intense exercise. This means that you are still burning calories for some time after finishing the exercise class!!!
  • At the end of this program you be a better athlete. Leaner, stronger & faster!!!





Some Important Points About Fat Loss

POINT # 1:
Exercise science has advanced by leaps and bounds just in the last two decades. The latest fat loss research, demonstrates how you can lose more fat while keeping your hard-earned muscle, and doing so with less time working out than ever before.

POINT # 2: Fat loss programs that require you to do endless hours of long, slow, boring cardio workouts will rarely help you achieve your fat loss goals and may lead to over use injuries.
POINT # 3: You need to use more advanced, modern training methods, such as the Muscle NRG System developed to help you burn more calories in and out of the gym. You will skyrocket your post-workout metabolism allowing you to burn almost twice as many calories as you would with traditional cardio workouts.

POINT # 4: Traditional fat burning programs typically don't even mention strength training in their instructions, because most individuals don't understand how resistance training will help fat loss. Even if your fat loss program does recommend strength training, it's likely that you've been told to use the ineffective and outdated method of high reps and low weight (which does NOT burn fat!).

POINT # 5: If you want to maximize your metabolism, and get defined arms, abs, and legs, then you must include strength training in your fat loss workout. High intensity strength training helps protect your lean muscle mass, which you are almost certain to lose on traditional diet and exercise programs.

The human body burns calories fastest during activities which increase heart rate to a sub maximal level or 80-90% of your Max Heart Rate.

Maximum heart rate (also called MHR, or HRmax) is the maximum heart rate that a person can achieve during maximal physical exertion. Research indicates it is most closely linked to a person's age; a person's HRmax will decline as they age. Some research indicates the speed at which it declines over time is related to fitness—the more fit a person is, the slower it declines as they age. Typical measurement for heart rate max is (220- age).
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